Connecting with Investors

Are you connecting well with investors, the investment community and your various stakeholders? Do they have insight into your strategy and understand your vision? Have you clearly articulated who you are, shared your story, the journey of your successes and challenges, your plans and your outlook? For your company’s unique value to be understood, there needs to be clarity in your communication.

How can you do this well? The first step to ensuring you have a strong investor brand consistently conveyed through your communications is to take a step back and review your current position, determining areas for enhancement. Plan to educate and influence through consistent and informative content. Tailor your communications to suit your different stakeholders and deliver it by embracing the many channels available to you. Make those channels work hard for you to reach the diverse array of stakeholders. Ensure your website is telling your company story clearly and effectively.

Successful global and local trends in investor communications are acknowledging investors’ limited time and providing clearer, more succinct and engaging communications. Summary online reports, simplification of content in corporate reporting, and the integration of video, augmented reality and social media are all promoting dialogue and easy digestion of information.

Cut through information overload with succinct and meaningful messages. Plan your investor communications well to build credibility and investor confidence. Really connect.

Renee Carter
Managing Director

Michael Roberts
Investor Communications Director