Corporate Reporting Showcase

Following is a showcase of recent reporting suites based on the principle of message first. Reports that clearly distilled and conveyed their message on the cover and throughout the pages utilising text, image and design and via print and digital channels.

The result? Engaging business stories, and enhanced ongoing dialogue with investors.

Corporate Reporting Suite 2014

The Seven Group Holdings 2014 reporting suite encompassed a Shareholder Review and Annual Report loosely bound together with an outer cover, showcasing clear and consistent messaging throughout. These messages set the tone for the report and conveyed purpose and strategy. The brave visual communications approach produced an exciting and unique end result.


Annual Report 2014

Across its 175 year history, AGL has been committed to creating energy solutions for the communities of today and tomorrow. This constant innovation combined with their solutions-based customer focus featured as the key message for the 2014 reporting suite. This is supported by case studies that showcase how AGL has been helping Australian consumers and businesses access and use their energy more efficiently.


Annual Reporting Suite 2014

The HCF annual reporting suite was tailored for multiple platforms to reach multiple stakeholders. The message was clear – members are at the heart of HCF. This message is supported through the images and statements from real members and in further detail through the content of the report.


Annual Report 2014

Helping its consumers and customers to Imagine a better place is DuluxGroup’s enduring core purpose. It’s a phrase that succinctly summarises DuluxGroup’s vision, underpins its strategic direction and is supported by the messages and imagery throughout the 2014 Annual Report. The print and digital version of the report illustrate how the DuluxGroup brands work together to deliver great results and vision for consumers, customers, and therefore also shareholders.


Annual Report 2014

APN’s digital and print Annual Report this year featured strong highlights displayed in a visually engaging manner, outlining the evolution of the business. The strategy and highlights section was key in communicating the business structure and performance. Infographics can be successfully used to communicate complex information in an easy-to-digest format.