Engaging Investor Websites

It’s not uncommon for investor websites to be difficult to find and navigate, with current content missing or well hidden. Therefore before reviewing the engagement level of your investor site, the first step is to ensure it meets basic requirements.

Not only is there an obligation to shareholders to provide all material information on the website, there is now an expectation that all relevant information will be provided in an easy to access manner and be responsive to various devices.

Research has shown that retail and institutional investors, as well as analysts, have similarities in their expectations for investor website content1. They place a high value on the company’s overview where they can better understand the structure, strategies and overarching corporate message. However, for detailed analysis of company financial data, investors either conduct their own analysis or source independent third party analysis from brokers and other research firms2.

Importance needs to be placed on providing a clear strategy and key messages, and presenting current information about the business on the website.

To provide an understanding of where your investor site can be improved, a review and benchmarking against other ASX and global sites is a good starting point. This can be undertaken internally, or commissioned as an independent review (ask us for more information).

Once the basic site structure and content map has been established, the next step is to examine how engaging your site is currently and what you would like it to achieve. Are you simply providing static information, or are you engaging stakeholders and providing features such as video, animations or interactive graphs? These should not be included simply for the sake of it, but to support the communication of the overall investor message.

With increasingly more information accessed online, ensure that the experience for your investors is positive and your key messages delivered.

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