Message First

‘Message first’ is Designate’s answer to questions companies may not have realised they need to ask. How do we communicate rather than just report? How do we inform and influence?

Companies that understand the constantly changing business environment and the way stakeholders access information and seek knowledge, understand that they need to break through the clutter with innovatively delivered clear messages. They embrace the opportunity to provide forward-looking, informative commentary that confirms strategic messages as well as reports on recent performance and achievements. They have planned their corporate communications using a framework that delivers consistent and disciplined messages across a range of communication mediums. They know that a robust communications plan can adapt to developing corporate circumstances and business conditions.

‘Message first’ is Designate’s philosophy of working with clients to articulate their communication strategy and messages, enhance their Investor Brand, and to determine how to best communicate these to the market through strong and effective collateral.

This year’s Reporting Insights provides information on current and developing trends in global corporate reporting in the context of message and communication. We take another step in exploring the essence of Investor Brand, a topic close to our heart and that of investor communications – ensuring your communication reflects what you want to convey to the market and discuss with your investors. We also explore current topics of interest including our observations on OFR reporting two years after implementation; conveying meaningful information and strategy (in the context of integrated reporting); digital reporting options; and the challenges that face those compiling a corporate report.

We trust you will find Reporting Insights thought provoking and informative. Most of all, we hope it encourages communications excellence, which begins with clear strategic messages.

Renee Carter
Managing Director