Pulling Teeth

Does the prospect of creating your Corporate Report feel like a trip to the dentist?

You know you have to do it, but you dread the process and you’re just not sure where to start with all the variables including the theme, report cover and photos, let alone writing the text and getting it produced and into shareholders’ hands a month before the AGM. It seems like such a chore after going through results reporting, plus you’re probably in the middle of your post-results roadshow just as the Corporate Report is getting to the final crucial stages of the process. This pressure has been exacerbated for companies who have decided to release the final typeset report at results release.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be a painful process. Designate has vast experience in the design and production of award-winning corporate reporting suites in print and the latest digital media to clearly and effectively communicate with your stakeholders without the fuss.

Our expertise ensures your role in preparing the report is easier. Designate’s smooth and efficient processes have been established over many years and are constantly evolving as reporting requirements change and communications opportunities develop.

Some of our key accountabilities to make your corporate reporting painless include:

  • Encouraging our clients to see the Corporate Report as a part of a broader communications strategy that may span several years and allow consistent development of company reporting over time
  • Understanding your key themes and specific messages for this year’s Corporate Report
  • Developing an agreed message and design brief for the report
  • Ensuring ‘message first’. Great design and visual cues follow your key themes and messages – that way, the report design clearly reinforces the company’s key current messages and strategies for the future, and creates consistency of style over time rather than a series of unrelated report styles with ‘pretty’ but irrelevant designs
  • Assigning a dedicated account/client manager to your projects along with skilled communications, creative and production professionals
  • Establishing realistic and practical schedules to get the reporting suite produced and delivered on time and to quality standards
  • Providing timely and informative progress updates
  • Providing easy-to-use online platforms such as ManagAR that allows clients and Designate to keep track of the work against the agreed timeline, upload documents in both directions and view the latest version of the designed report
  • Offering high quality support services such as writing, editing, proofreading and photography.


Our shared vision with clients is to avoid ‘tooth-pulling’ by implementing proven processes and expertise.

Patrick White
Print Production Manager

Michael Roberts
Investor Communications Director