Strategy: Clearly communicate your strategy to build investor confidence

So often we hear that companies ‘fail to communicate’ either to the market or internally to employees, or to other stakeholders, especially when there is a crisis.

But the seeds of poor communication are sown well before any specific crisis. Most often it’s the earlier failure to build the strong foundations of good communications practices and strengthen the investor brand fortress that lead to an eventual crisis of confidence in the Board and management.

So, how do you earn valuable communications credits with the market?

One of the absolute fundamentals of communications success is to build a simple yet effective picture of your company’s corporate strategy. And make sure that the management and the entire Board understands that strategy because if your leaders don’t know your strategy, how do you expect employees and investors to know where the company is heading or how to measure long term success?

And please don’t hide behind that outdated cliché that revealing your strategy might disclose confidential information – that’s so very 1980s! That will cost you confidence credits in the 21st century and create skeptical investors. In fact, it tells investors that you don’t actually have a strategy or know where you want to go and that they should avoid your stock.

For the CEO, successful performance and a track record count, so create the right communication environment by setting a vision and strategy and show how you’re delivering on your goals through your all your communication opportunities, including the Annual Report.

The good news is, it’s easy to communicate your strategy well using a custom designed infographic.

Designate works with clients to develop three year communications and/or reporting strategies, along with ways to best communicate these through design thinking.

Michael Roberts
Michael has over 20 years of experience in Investor Relations roles for companies including Brambles, Lion Nathan and Foster’s Group. Since joining Designate, Michael has delivered strategic communications for clients and offers services including communications plans, writing and investor relations advisory