06 March 2017

Adman: Warhol before pop

The Art Gallery of NSW’s current exhibition ‘Adman:Warhol Before Pop’ provides insight into Andy Warhol’s early career as a successful adman. Before he was the pop icon he’s known for today Warhol was an award-winning commercial illustrator who championed for creative freedom in a previously rigid industry. Crucial to his success as an adman was Warhol’s strong understanding of the power of brand personality. Stephen Frankfurt, an art director at Young & Rubicam who worked with Warhol in the 1950’s commented:
There’s something called ‘brand personality’… It’s the image of the product. Andy understood this… It’s not the ingredients that sell the product. Advertising is communication, persuasion, [and] Andy practiced the art of persuasion as well as anybody.