10 March 2016

Building A Brand Is Like Building A House

Designate’s Brand and Strategy Director Roger Lindeback has recently published his branding guide ‘Building A Brand Is Like Building A House’ online for free at www.brandhousebook.com. Roger has used his twenty-five years experience creating, developing and enhancing brand identities to make the daunting task of branding tangible and easy to understand by breaking down the steps of branding and relating it to everyday experiences. The book clearly defines how to create and sustain a successful brand through outlining how building a brand can really be as simple, tangible and trustworthy as bricks and mortar…just like building a house. The e-book is split into what Roger coined as the six stages of branding and is accompanied by informative black and white illustrations that reiterate the statements in the book.

Roger’s ebook has generated interest in the online creative sphere, receiving comments on Linkedin stating “A great way to explain the complexity of branding. It puts it in terms that are meaningful to clients. Great work.” & “This is excellent Roger. A great educational tool for everyone involved with brand. Clear, easy to consume and insightful.” Please feel free to read the book and join in the conversation on the brandhousebook facebook page. Follow our hashtag #brandhousebook