25 January 2019

Tangelo Software and Designate Australian Partnership Announcement

Through the combined strengths of Designate Group and Tangelo Software, the process of creating a targeted, engaging and informative annual report has now become much easier.

Erwin Groenendal, Co-founder and Managing Director, Tangelo Software:

“At Tangelo Software, we not only want to provide the best technology platform, but also offer customers the best outcomes and experience when they engage with our platform. To this end we are very pleased to announce a partnership with Designate Group, leaders in Australia for corporate and investor communications and branding.

As a design agency that provides excellence in both print and web, Designate have led the way in online reporting and corporate communication. Their engagement with innovation continues as they partner with Tangelo Software.

Although clients can produce reports themselves using Tangelo, the partnership with Designate adds a number of important benefits for them. By engaging with Designate, clients will benefit from their design expertise and extensive experience in effective corporate communication.

From initial design concepts based on strategic messaging, through to key elements such as infographics and strategy diagrams, Designate will ensure that the communications and design integrity of the Report is maintained and upheld throughout the process. In general, actively helping clients present and manage their content in the most effective way possible within the platform.

This allows clients to focus on their content and update it as needed, while text formatting and page layouts are taken care of through Tangelo’s intelligent platform.”

Andrew Nobbs, Managing Director, Designate:

“Having partnered with leading Australian businesses for 25 years, we are experts at delivering corporate messages in a reporting context. While everyone acknowledges the value of a strong report, we appreciate the difficulties that can occur as clients cope with multiple rounds of changes from multiple stakeholders in a short timeframe.

While we have tested many solutions to overcome these pain points for clients, in Tangelo we believe we have found a proven solution. A collaboration between Tangelo Software and Designate allows clients to deliver a report that appeals to all stakeholders through engaging design and clear messaging, as well as being able to populate and edit their own content in an intuitive environment.

Also, with the single source capabilities of Tangelo it is easy to simultaneously create a web version of the full report to supplement targeted summary online information.

We are excited by the opportunities this partnership presents as it allows for a unique integrated solution for reporting requirements.”