Designate is proud of its team – each contributing to our expertise in investor brand and communications through multiple channels. Our philosophy is ‘message first’. We love collaborating with clients to strategically explore solutions to a range of briefs, delivering leading edge outcomes.

  • Andrew Nobbs

    Managing Director

    With over 15 years as a creative strategist, Andrew has created and honed brands and creative communications for a range of great Australian companies. He leads The Studio at Designate in creative, and collaborates directly with clients and the client service team, to ensure Designate delivers creative solutions on message and on brief.

  • Chantal Procter

    Digital Communications Director

    Chantal is responsible for ensuring Designate delivers stand-out digital solutions. With over 12 years experience from London to Sydney Chantal leads the digital team and is the advocate for digital innovation and user centred design experiences. She is passionate about driving digital communications that generate a meaningful impact for our clients and delivering first-class results.

  • Roger Lindeback


    As a founding Director of Designate Group, Roger has carved a niche for himself as one of Australia's few specialists in corporate brand and investor communications, with a focus on investor brand. With a background in advertising, publishing and design in Melbourne, the UK and Sydney, Roger's strategic abilities have seen him create, develop and enhance brand identities and innovative corporate communications for leading Australian companies.

  • Renée Carter


    With expertise in corporate brand, investor communications and management, Renee leads Designate to effectively communicate their message, across a range of projects. Renee also provides clients, and her team, best practice insights gleaned from her participation on various boards and committees, such as Australasian Reporting Awards and Global ReportWatch.

  • Gareth Procter

    Creative Director

    With more than 15 years of experience in London and Sydney, Gareth has worked with some of the biggest names in business including Lendlease, Sotheby’s, Knight Frank and McGrath. Alongside his role as Creative Director, Gareth is the Vice Chairman of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), and helps to advance and support the Australian communication design community, through activities in education, advocacy and professional development.

  • Pablo Ostolaza

    Strategy Director | Brand Strategist

    With 15 years of experience working with brands in Europe, the US and Australia, Pablo believes the best brand strategies shorten the distance between people and brands to foster engagement. His work finds simple solutions to help our clients be noticed, recognised and loved. He has worked with brands such as Westpac and Hyundai.

  • Matthew Davoren

    Client Services Manager

    Matthew works closely with clients to create impressive communication and branding products. With over six years experience in the Client Services field, Matthew has strong communication skills and an attention to detail that he uses to deliver effective communication solutions.

  • Peta Nugent

    Client Services Manager

    Peta has been an integral member of the Designate team for over 10 years. She now applies her thorough design knowledge and passion for organisation to the role of Client Services Manager.

  • Justin Leon

    Brand Consultant

    With over 15 years experience Justin is Designate's brand specialist. He brings to our team a passion for branding, an analytical mind and a commitment to strategic process.

  • Martin Taylor


    As a Director of Designate Group, Martin oversees the systems that have ensured Designate’s leadership position in systems to support client projects and the Designate team. His expertise in technology, coupled with his 25 years of experience in the design industry have seen Martin deliver high-end digital projects through to customised project management systems.

  • Patrick White

    Studio Production Manager

    Patrick brings a high level of design production expertise to Designate, gained from over 20 years of experience in the industry, which is fundamental to the smooth running of client projects. Patrick works closely with clients and the Designate team, managing print production projects to deliver high quality outcomes.

  • Nicola Catalano

    Production Coordinator

    Nicola is an intrinsic member of the Designate team, with a passion for print production and design she is key in ensuring projects run efficiently and smoothly in the Designate studio. Nicola is involved in the evolution of projects from creative development through to print and production.

  • Michael Roberts

    Investor Communications Director

    Michael is Designate’s investor communications specialist, with over 20 years experience in Investor Relations roles for companies including Brambles, Lion Nathan and Foster’s Group. Since joining Designate, Michael has delivered strategic communications for clients including Myer, HCF, Lend Lease, Oakton and Base Resources and offers services including communications plans, writing and investor relations advisory.

  • Chantelle Lau

    Creative Operations Support Manager

    Chantelle is a strategic designer who works with many of our clients to create exceptional outcomes across a diverse range of brand and investor communication collateral. With 14 years of experience in the industry, she combines her creative mind with a strong understanding of corporate communications producing only the highest quality design work.

  • Erilyn Neira

    Digital Designer

    As a key member to the web development team Erilyn has industry experience collaborating with clients across a range of both print and digital projects. She is committed to thoughtful and strategic design and is experienced working with a team of creative professionals.

  • Hiroshi Watanabe

    Senior Web Developer

    With over five years experience as a web developer in both Japan and Sydney Hiroshi is highly proficient in front-end and back-end Programming, OS, Middleware and Databases. As the prominence of online reporting and digital content continues to increase, Hiroshi is a crucial member of the Designate team.

  • Maddie Allington


    Nothing beats the rare combination of natural talent and contagious enthusiasm. Maddie brings positivity and energy to our design team and the attention to detail that our clients rely on.

  • Chris Rowe

    Senior Web Developer

    As the head of Designate’s Web Development Team Chris has a range of specialist skills to suit various projects including online Annual Reports, video content and interactive online features. He works closely with the Creative and Project Management team to ensure high quality work.

  • Louisa Fong

    Financial Controller

    Louisa is a CPA with over 20 years of experience in the audit field and financial management roles across a number of industries. At Designate Louisa contributes to the overall success of the company by effective management of all financial tasks, overseeing budgeting and accounting.

  • Grace Duffy

    Office Administrator

    Grace is the integral heartbeat of the studio, overseeing day to day tasks to help us keep focused and energetic. She supports Client Services to ensure needs are met and nothing is compromised.