Dexus Integrated Report 2019

Dexus is one of Australia’s leading real estate groups. They own, manage and create high quality workplaces across the office, industrial, retail and healthcare sectors. 

The challenge

With 27,000 investors, over 500 national staff members, $31.8B in funds under management and a strong position within the ASX top 50, Dexus was keen to enhance its 2019 annual reporting strategy and communications across its broadening stakeholder base. Key to this was a desire to adopt the principles of Integrated Reporting (<IR>) set out by the International Integrated Reporting Council. The principles are focused on bringing greater cohesion and efficiency to the reporting process, as well as a focus on how a company creates value over time and the ‘capitals’ involved in that value creation. Ultimately, they outline how a company contributes to a more financially stable global economy. The result goes some way towards addressing the growing global concerns of ‘purpose’ and ‘trust’ through a transparent and connected look at the business.

The other challenge was to indicate to the market – through the design and execution – that this was indeed a departure from previous reporting efforts and that a new reporting landscape was now in play.  

The solution

Prior to Designate becoming involved in the <IR>, Dexus had covered much ground in identifying and developing key stakeholders as well as the inputs, processes and outcomes relevant to those stakeholders. Our role from the outset was to create a succinct brand-aligned visual description of how the company creates long-term value for those stakeholders. (through its strategy, business operation and resource ‘capitals’) This piece of work then formed the backbone and structure for the rest of the reporting suite across print and digital.  

Tying it together was a design that drew on the connectedness of the diverse and varied stakeholder groups involved. One that allowed individual stories to be told in the midst of a broader narrative. One that ultimately presented the 2019 Dexus Integrated Report as distinct from prior reporting communications. A holistic and integrated communications strategy meant that the microsite was a vital counterpart to the full reporting suite. It was important that the microsite IA and structure supported the <IR> framework. Designate focused on tailoring the content specifically for online, ensuring a seamless user experience and enhanced stakeholder engagement.


  • Communication design audit and strategy
  • Creative direction and design application 
  • Print production and management
  • Information architecture
  • UX Design 
  • UI Design
  • Website development 
  • Content strategy
  • Workshops
  • Testing

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