Moneysmart rebrand


The challenge

Moneysmart is a free and independent digital resource from ASIC and the Australian Federal Government, providing tools, tips and guidance to give all Australian’s a starting point to make better financial decisions.

Seven years since launch, Moneysmart has the opportunity to increase relevance with its audiences, and at a time when consumer trust with financial organisations was at an all-time low, it was needed more than ever.

The solution

When designing the new Moneysmart we took a user-centric approach. Throughout the 18-month process we worked closely with their internal teams (digital, content, teaching, etc) to unlock insights and create engagement from all stakeholders. We relied on continual research, testing and iteration, validating our designs against research and data to make informed decisions and create a product that was accessible to all.

We provided Moneysmart with a complete design toolkit, including logo, icons and illustrations, photography, video and print and digital templates to be effective across all channels, topics and audience groups. The design system lives in a digital style guide that combines brand and tone-of-voice guidelines with an asset and UI library, accessible by all members of the Moneysmart team. 


Brand and content audit; Brand positioning and narrative; Brand design system; Digital design system; Information Architecture; Content framework; Tone-of-voice strategy; User experience design; User testing; UI design; Printed publications; Digital style guide; Social media strategy

See the Moneysmart website here