Since its foundation in 1992, Designate has provided world-class strategic communications in collaboration with our clients. As a result, we have proudly partnered with an impressive list of companies and their brands.

We are investor brand and communications specialists – creating stronger connections between companies and investors. Informing and influencing by articulating messages, enhancing brands, building creative outcomes and harnessing available communication channels.

Independently owned and based in the Sydney and Melbourne CBD’s, our team and processes are unparalleled.

Our philosophy is ‘message first’ and our values underpin the way we work – expertise, strategy, creativity and innovation.

Investor Brand

Creating and building a clear corporate message and investment proposition.

In today’s investing environment, where fewer analysts are covering more companies, it becomes increasingly important to create and communicate a clear investor proposition – what the business strategy is and how the company creates value. This requires more than organisational performance alone – it is best achieved through a well-defined overarching corporate story, or Investor Brand.

Brand has long been understood as an opportunity to create sustainable competitive advantage, but hasn’t really been embraced in terms of creating shareholder value.

Designate works with Investor Relations and Senior Management to define and communicate investor branding with clear structures and messages aligned and consistent with the long-term corporate strategy and outlook incorporating management, operational and financial performance.

Telling this compelling and clear company story that stands out from the crowd will enable analysts and investors to understand a company, moving beyond the emphasis on short term ups and downs that every company experiences and help them comprehend the longer term opportunities that create value.

Investor Communications

Delivering innovative reporting and communications solutions to all
stakeholder groups through print and digital channels.

The past few years has seen the growth of opportunity in Investor Communications moving from traditional approach of producing an annual report and hosting an AGM to now engaging in best practice multi channel message delivery.

This includes company websites, print and digital shareholder reviews, corporate profiles, fact books, transaction documents, half and quarterly reports or investor newsletters, sustainability or corporate responsibility reports, sophisticated roadshow and investor day presentations and now even investigating the role of social media.

Designate has built a reputation of working with clients to influence market decisions by taking a strategic and creative approach to informing investors in the most timely and persuasive way possible through clear and concise messaging delivered in this multi-channel communication within a planned, flexible, demand-driven, continuous information process.

Brand Communications

Developing brand strategy and creatively designing and delivering brand
applications for all internal and external touchpoints.

Great brands are created when ‘Who you are’, ‘How you are perceived by others’ and ‘How you desire to perceived’ are all in alignment, clearly communicating your organisation’s core values and essence.

Designate employs a disciplined approach to build and strengthen your brand through analysis, strategy, creation, application and implementation. Using words and images to connect both emotionally and rationally, your brand can be expressed through written, audio and visual content, ensuring that at every touchpoint, both internal and external stakeholders will absorb and be influenced by your brand’s desired attributes enhancing connection and participation.

Whether your need is to create a start-up brand, undergo a re-brand or brand refresh, or simply implement an existing brand consistently and professionally across various mediums – Designate offers strategic advice, collaboration, creative expertise and management to meet the challenges of creating differentiation in a crowded, confusing, competitive marketplace.